Senior Care Worker
  • April 5, 2022 12:18 pm
  • Portsmouth, South East, England
£10per hour

Senior Care Worker-  Domestic Worker

Supports Field Care Supervisor in ensuring the highest standard of care is delivered within a defined area ensuring customer satisfaction.

Principal responsibilities

  • To conduct staff introductions to customers as specified by the Field Care Supervisor or Care Manager.
  • To conduct spot checks and practice observations including moving and handling and medication observations.
  • To hold the on call phone as and directed by the Care Manager. During the period on call the Senior Carer will be visible within the field conducting spot checks and carrying out any relevant duties.
  • To provide support with allocating suitable alternative Care & Support Workers when an existing Care & Support Worker notifies that they are unable to attend a call.
  • To monitor, support and mentor Care & Support Workers in the field within a defined area and to professionally and positively challenge any practice concerns that may arise.
  • To work alongside and mentor new Care and Support Workers and to actively welcome them to the team.
  • To challenge electronic call monitoring compliance alongside the Field Care Supervisor. · To ensure accuracy and completeness of all documentation held in customers’ homes.
  • To conduct Quality Assurance reviews of customer records in line with agreed review periods
  • To ensure that each month new customer record books are placed within the customer home and to remove completed customer records within the defined timescale.
  • To complete any incident reporting logs ensuring that the appropriate process is followed.
  • To support with the implementation of new care packages as directed by the Care Manager.
  • To be on call to deliver care at specified times.
  • To work in line with the organisational process.
  • To maintain close liaison with both the Field Care Supervisor and Care Manager.
  • To carry out any other duties as requested by the Field Care Supervisor / Care Manager. Senior Carers will work within a defined area of the district under the supervision of the Field Care Supervisor. The Field Care Supervisor will be responsible for the management of the Care and Support Workers and will retain overall responsibility for the standard of care delivery within the area.

Business Hours

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